Master Artisans

Gathered From Around The Globe

Master Artisans

Gathered From Around The Globe

State Of The Art Carpet Workroom

Costikyan has launched a 12,000 sq. ft. One Stop Carpet Workroom.

The Costikyan Carpet Workroom only works with the most skilled mechanics from around the globe. All of our craftsmen are under the direct supervision of Clarke W. Costikyan who searches the world for talent.. We are the design industry leader for installing all  fine carpets and rugs. Your personal project manager can take you through the entire process of measuring, order quantity, & install logistics. Large or small, residential or commercial, Costikyan always delivers a beautiful floor & a pleasant project process.

  • Custom Carpet Installation For luxury Homes & Yachts

  • Rug Restoration & Fabrication

  • Blocking,  Measures & Templates

  • Custom Cut Premium Padding


  • Cutting, Binding, Serging ( Hand and Machine )

  • Receive, Inspect, Deliver & Spread

  • Fiber Protection Of All Fabrics and Fibers

  • CAD Floor Plan Renders


Binding & Serging A Rug

A serged edge is a continues wrap of yarn that wraps around the edge of a rug. The finished width is approximately. 3/8 inch. It is applied by both hand or machine based on the rugs origin.  So what is Binding? Most standard carpet binding is folded over the edge of a rug and stitched on with a binding machine that is similar to a commercial sewing machine. The finished width is approximately. ¼ to 3/8 inch, or 1 1/2″ with a cotton canvas binding. The colors are generally matched close to the field color of the rug so the edge is not noticeable, just finished nicely.  Binding gives a rug more of a tailored look, a classic finish giving a rug an elegant finish.

What Is Serging?

Do I need Binding?

What Is Blocking?

Does my rug really need it?

Blocking ( Sizing ) A Rug

When a rug is out of square or has built-in wrinkles, sizing or blocking may help. A rug is ” blocked ”  by turning it over, making it as square and flat as possible, and fastening it down along the edges (Costikyan hand lays hundreds of tiny nails ). A mixture of sizing and water is sprinkled over the back of the rug, and the rug is allowed to dry under climate controled conditions. The moisture in the sizing helps equalize tension in the foundation of the rug, and the sizing helps the rug hold its square, flat shape. Note that even a good quality rug is rarely perfectly rectilinear. When blocking a rug the choice is sometimes between getting it flat or making it square–from the standpoint of what’s good for the rug, it is almost always better to make the rug flat than to make it perfectly rectilinear.

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