Costikyan Fiber Protects All Fine Rugs & Upholstery.

Please call us to help develop a unique approach to a cleaning and maintenance system to fit your fabric and textile needs.

ALL Carpets & Rugs

Fiber Protection extends time between cleanings. It repels liquids, repels soil by reducing static charge, as well as repelling oils. It is extremely abrasion resistant and yet ” invisible “.

Fine Fabrics & Textiles

Fiber Protection can be applied to new furnishings as well as freshly cleaned ones.  It helps block ultra violet rays that fade textiles as well as drastically improves their clean-ability.

Custom Furniture

Fiber Protection can be applied to all types of soft surfaces: fabric and  upholstery, window treatments, wall coverings, and wall coverings without changing texture or appearance

Fiber Protection

Textile protector protects the integrity of the fabric and extends the life of your valuable furnishings.