Inspection Reporting

Recording of all pre cleaning issues and problem areas. Custom cleaning plan discussed and all necessary work orders created..

Hepa Vacuum

ProcessIndustrial Hepa Vacuuming to remove embedded dust particles and any loose debris trapped deep in the pile of the rugs.

Oxygenate Rugs

Rugs are oxygenated while submerged in a water bath to help remove any latent soil embedded in the pile and foundation.

Hand Wash Submerged

Rugs are hand cleaned while submerged in the water bath. Industrial extraction removes soil and debris in water.

Controlled Dry Room

Rugs are suspended in a climate controlled dry room . After drying,  we evaluate if second cleanings are needed and the  process is repeated.

Costikyan Inspection

All carpets are inspected by a member of the Costikyan Family prior to delivery back to our clients. Clarke Costikyan 4th Generation