S. Kent Costikyan


The house that S Kent Costikyan built was renowned for its collection of museum quality period carpets as well as its selection of 19th and 20th century carpets from the Mid East, Far East and European continent. 

Clarke W. Costikyan

CEO 4th Generation

CEO Clarke Costikyan has traveled the world to work with the most distinguished designers and has handled some of the finest fabrics on almost every continent. No other company has the combined experience that Costikyan offers.

Clarke W. Costikyan

2nd Generation

Clarke W. Costikyan, third child of S. Kent Costikyan, joined his father’s firm following his graduation from Yale in 1925. He became President of Kent-Costikyan, Inc. in 1940. His vision was to expand the range of products offered to the growing Interior Design Trade.

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